Artist Edina Tokodi is part of Mosstika Urban Greenery, a New York-based collective of eco-minded street artists, who use guerrilla tactics to create playful public works of art. She explains the rationale behind her site-specific installations

as told to Johanna Derry

‘I took a trip to Japan which had a huge impact on me. The Zen gardens I visited there led me to create landscapes of hand-made paper and, later on, of plants,’ she explains.

Fishes in Bklyn

‘My idea was to create some kind of ‘pre-fab’ meditation gardens or ‘Zen garden concentrates’ that one can put on a wall, even in a small, urban flat.

Brazil mtv

‘By incorporating plant life and other materials found in the local natural environment, my work dissolves the barriers between private and public space, between the organic and inorganic elements of the urban landscape, and between nature and art.

moss stencil Dumbo

‘Transferring my public sculptural installations from street to gallery settings highlights the idea that fine art need no longer be limited by white-box confines – that instead, we might embrace a new art-viewing environment. In turn, this underscores the understanding that ‘street art’ need not be limited to outdoor space or to be of temporary relevance.’

Billboard Mindscape_2016

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